Illian History

Illian History is mostly uneventful before the reawakening however there are facts that are seen as common knowledge by all Illians, wether this is genetic memory or taught history is highly debated. Illian History uses the Reawakening of the Palantians as a reference point in their history due it's importance in the shaping of modern day Illia.

Pre-Awakening Illia

Before the reawakening the Illian people lived mostly nomadic lifestyles only staying put for long amounts of time when women were expecting or a wedding was due. Even during these events the Illian people never truly stayed put. Peace prevailed throughout the land, no war's had been fought for Millenia and due to this technology was simple. New technology was frowned upon as an act of evil as it generaly made Life easie, A common irrational phobia all Illians used to share.

Post-Awakening Illia.

Post awakening Illia uses the Reawakening of the Palantians as year zero. After this date the mindset of the Illian people is dramatically changed.