Illian Flag

The Illian Flag was designed by Uriel Astraph, An Illian Craftsmen. The flag was approved of by the Illian councel due to its aesthetic appeal and the meaning behind it. The letter 'I' is the first letter of Illia and the Iota Pact. The letter I in Illian culture also plays a special role as alot of plants contain the letter 'I' somewhere within the word depending on how fast the plant grows. An example of this includes 'Thraeli' which is Illian for tree, the slowest growing species of plant on the planet and Ilin contain an I at the start and one in the middle. This is a special case as the two 'I' are cumulative meaning it grows faster then a Plant beginning with and only contain one I.

Other aspects of the Flag include the five leaves. The five leaves are coloured differently as in Illian culture different shades of a certain colour have different meanings. This is different to the Orikyan standard of assigning meanings to different shades of colour.