Illia (Planet)
Astrographical Data
System {$system}
Region {$region}
Suns Yellow Dwarf
Orbital Position {$orbitpos}
Moons {$moonnum}
Rotational Period 30h
Orbital Period {$yearlength}
Physical Data
Class {$class}
Diameter {$diameter}
Atmosphere {$atmos}
Climate Humid Warm
Average Surface Gravitational Acceleration 0.9
Primary Terrain {$terrain}
Surface Water 65%
Societal Data
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Importance {$importance}
Role {$role}
Population {$pop}
Government {$gov}
Major Exports {$exports}

The faction known as Illia originated from the Planet Illia. Illia is a lush, highly vegetated world, its entire landmass covered by forestry or dangerous jungle plants. 44% of the planets surface is oceanic. The rest of the water can be found in vast underground reservoirs and running through abnormally large illian grown trees.

see Treelakes


The planet Illia is special in the way that it is 'Green' all year round although the planet goes through a Period where all plants die due to a 120 year cycle caused by the alignment of two neighbouring planets. During this time all plants die apart from a thin band around the equator and the evergreen trees at the poles. It takes the planet apprximately a year and a half to fully recover this does however vary.


Illia has a single moon called Gramini. Gramini has been used as Home base for the Illian Defense Fleet, its vast crators used as templates for docking ports.