Friendly - DOIA
Internal Data
Aliases None
Capital Illia
Claimed Regions Thoran,Botan,Ocotillo Vrey
Major Ethnic Groups Illian, Palantian
Demonym Illian
Population Approx 121 billion
Government Councel Of the Chieftain
Head Of State Chieftain Imran Tayyabah
Military Illian Armed Forces,
Official Languages Lon
Currency Levee

Illia is a new addition to the warring faction's of the galaxy. Their isolation from other races is down to luck and the fact that the Illians are a peaceful introverted race, Preferring the lives they have on Illia compared to one's of grandeur. After the reawakening of the Palantians a new mind set has been adopted by the Illian population,

'To share the peace we had, We can not live while others suffer, Destroy the Evil, Protect the Good!' A radio transmission given towards the end of the Sillian Defence.

Their ecologically friendly technology is grown from bioengineering and although Illian weaponry looks graceful and elegant it is still as deadly as more conventional technological weaponry. Illia makes vast use of bioengineering and genetic manipulation. Although it has become taboo and unheard of for Illians to alter ones own genetic make up. Illians inhabit the planet Illia located in the Botan system to, in the north west of Iota Pact space.

Choosing to name their faction after their planet was solely based on the fact that Illia means 'grow'. It was the Palantians that pointed out the Illians duty as a just race in the galactic community. Since then Illia has captured and governed a small region of the galaxy and continues to grow. Its native language is Lon however Galactic basic is encouraged to be spoken and is becoming more common as Illia grows.

Member of the Iota pact

Illian Flag.


The inhabitants of Illia have been around for over 5 millennia however it has only been 1307 years since the formation and naming of the planet Illia. The classification of the planet and the formation of a faction was brought about by the first communication with a Palantian.

This Palantian was none other then Grandfather Owken-Leev the Head of Palantian Council. An informal meeting between Owken-Leev and Qualig enlightened Illia on its current situation in the galaxy and that they were not the only race inhabiting it. Owken-Leev then explained the history of the Palantians and that they were an ancient race, only now have they started to awaken from a three millennium of hibernation. Their awakening was triggered by the rage of battle through out neighboring systems. The Palantians see themselves as guardians of the peace and believe that they have reawakened to carry out their fate.

The next 500 years in Illian history were solely dedicated to the expansion of Illian territory and use of ancient and newly created technology. The use of Gate-Tree's to transport Illian forces to nearby system quickly expanded their territory a considerable amount.

The current leader of Illia is Imran Tayyabah. Qualigs successor. He has been the chieftain of Illia for 320 years after Qualig led Illian military forces for 180 years, after being killed by Planet Eater Spore.

The Illians links to nature have made them one of the galaxies most ecologically friendly races, something they like to uphold and thrust upon all other races that join the Iota Pact. The Al-Filizz were once a race that took no concern of their planets ecosystem but after their joining of the Iota Pact huge changes were made making the planet and the people healthier. Another ability the Illians have or are rumoured to have is the ability to tame wild beasts. Illians learn this at a young age strolling out into grassy planes to make friends with the fierce and noble Graassstalkers, a large cat known for its bright yellow mane. The ability is seen as a mutual friendship and people that use animals for their own doing are frowned upon, only the lonesome hunter rangers are allowed to demand such of a beastfriend.


see Illian Timeline Illian History

The Illian Timeline, nigh complete as the people of Illia were unconcerned with recording the present for reference. Some scholars say that if it were not for the consequential emergence of the Palantian's, Illia would have destroyed itself. Illians refer to their uneventful past as 'Peace' or Junt in the Illian Lon. Most timelines involving the Illian's describes the difference in lifestyles as Pre-Awakening and Post-Awakening, in reference to the Reawakening of the Palantians.

Culture & Religion

Illian culture is tribe orientated with families aligning themselves with certain tribes. Each tribe has certain characteristics which are shared amongst it's people however when a boy or girl from said tribes reach a certain level of enlightenment (assessed by a tribes elder) they are given a new surname which is dependent on the individuals characteristics and the choice to leave the tribe for another dependent on their characteristics. It's for this reason that inter-tribal warfare has been unheard of in Illian history. This culture is carried over to other aspects of Illian life. For example in the Illian Military Force's squads are tribe specific, grouping people of certain tribes in this way boosts teamwork as they will have most likely worked together before. Certain tribes are known for their trademark goods or specializations in subjects.


Illians are tall Orikyan beings around 8 keers (approximately 7.5 feet) in height with a complexion that varies from light pastel green to dark Kaki-brown. Noticeable features include long limbs, fingers and feet and thick vine like hair. The Illians hair contains chlorophyll which is used by a hybrid plant-animal cell to carry out photosynthesis; as well this odd extra respiratory system Illians also respire like other Orikyans. To gain maximum use of this ability Illians grow their hair to long but manageable lengths. Illian elders are known to grow their hair to considerable lengths. Although it is highly inadvisable some elders grow their hair to such a length that they do not need to respire with their lungs instead using them to smoke fine herbs that would otherwise incapacitate younger Illians. This is most commonly found amongst ex-military or ex-industry people who are commonly found in tree-center tea shops smoking Falky-een.

Illians are very flexible people thanks to their stretchy tendons and slightly rubber like bones, these aspects are commonly used in everyday life. They are also used in hand-to-hand combat, stealth, Agility (when transversing difficult terrain) and Agricultural tasks.

An Al-Filizzian sketch of a male and female Illian ambassador.


See Illian Technology

Nearly all of Illia's technology is bio-engineered and/or semi-organic machines. Armor and weaponry are entirely bio-engineered. Components are grown and pieces together using steel like vines that grow to hold everything together. Guns use bio-engineered chemicals produced from a specially made plant vine that grows at the rear of the barrel. This then ignites on electrical discharge firing a pin like projectile in the direction aimed.

In recent years Illian bio-engineering broke scientific boundaries by being able to fully connect weaponry with the Orikyan Central Nervous System. 70% of Iota Pact personnel now have a number of Nervous Nodes (NN's) at specific locations on their body, this varying with profession. Frontline Hunters for example have a single NN located between the shoulder and neck. This NN is used to directly connect the Hunter to the Gurret MkII freeing their hands for other tasks such as traversing difficult terrain at speed, climbing and disarming enemies in Close Quarter Combat.


Illia's military is based on hit and run tactics using mobility and firepower as well as stealth to claim objectives. With the advancement in technology in Project Sympathy A number of units have been replaced with far better ones. The Twinleaf Interatmospheric fighter has now been replaced by the Shaperleaf Symbiote Fighter (SSF) that uses a Number of Neural Nodes (NN's) on pilots to control it. Prototypes of an urban assault fighter have been produced as a joint venture between Iota Pact subfactions. The Urban Assault Fighter has two main attack modes. The pilot will have the choice to switch between the standard fighter (which is only slightly inferior to the SSF in specifications) or a humanoid assault mech that uses the fighters propulsion system to navigate urban environments at high-speeds.

see Illian Armed Forces