Grandfather Owken Leev
Owken Leev
Species Palantian
Nationality Illian
Affiliation Palantia
Aliases Palantia
Personal Data
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 150 Meters
Mass 7.5 tons
Hair Colour Lime Green
Eye Colour Hazel
Skin Colour Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Advisor, Leader
Rank Grandfather

Grandfather Owken-Leev is one of six Palantian council members. He is known for his quick thinking and open minded personality which are standard for a Palantian council member however his intelligence and understanding of minor races has broken the ego-barrier put about by older council members.

The Palantians were once a very inward race, refusing to show themselves to other races. Only now after the awakening of Owken-Leev and the enlightenment of his race have the Palantians revealed themselves to others.

Owken Leevs revealing of himself to the Illian has greatly benefitted alot of Palantians as the abilities of the Illian (especially their bioengineering and genetic enhancement of living things) have awoken many a dormant Palantian. This action made Owken-Leev a legend amongst Palantians.

Not much is known about Owken Leev's past as he himself has deliberately forgotten it. It is theorised he was in the Palantian military from a young age as he is a practioner of an ancient martial art called Brakar and is experienced in the use of many different weapons like javelins, swords and rifles and is most commonly seen wearing a Peuteer suit a.k.a. Rootsuit in GB. He has told numerous DOIA members of his stasis with other Palantians in purpose built Gate-Tree stasis chambers although the reason for them going into stasis is long forgotten.