General-class Carrier Battleship

The General-class Carrier Battleship is a multipurpose warship operated by the Canthian Federation Military and manufactured by several different shipyards with the Delta Pact. Despite being a relatively new design, it is the most numerous Battleship class in the CFM and the backbone of Canthian navy. The General is designed to be flexible and is capable of operating effectively at a variety of ranges, deploying for up to ten years without needing to return to base, carrying nearly every drone, fighter and corvette class used by the CFM and fitting a wide variety of weaponry. Although this lack of focus makes the carrier less effective in a particular role or situation, it allows it to be deployed in a greater variety of situations than any other battleship in the CFM. Being both a fairly common sight in Canthian space and a large vessel with a distinctive design, the General is perhaps the most well known Canthian warship and has become somewhat of a cultural icon and a favourite among military enthusiasts.


In -15 the CFM decided that it needed a new general purpose battleship carrier to replace the ageing Paladin which had been in service for nearly one hundred years. The CFM chose to develop the General internally and the task was given to newly appointed Grand Architect Argarathan. He spent three months carefully tuning the design to be as flexible and efficient as possible. After being approved by the Engineering Council, construction began on the first vessel, which took the name of the class. The General was succesful in all testing and ten more were commissioned. These came into service in time for the Ket Campaign, in which they proved themselves highly effective. Since then, 63 have been built with a further seven under construction.


  • Builder: CFM Engineering, Slast Drive Yards, Corrus Shipyard
  • Power Plant: Twin R74 Fusion Reactors
  • Propulsion: Twin Ion Engines, Jumpdrive
  • Length: 2,300 m
  • Flight Deck Width:
    • Top: 100 m (1000 m long)
    • Bottom: 192 m
  • Width: 500 m (Not including turrets)
  • Armament:
    • 32 x 6.9 m2 Twin Railgun turrets

Notable Generals

  • The CMS General was the first of the class launched and the first to be lost, in a fleet engagement with Tyr forces in Frontier in -11