Gate Tree


Gate-Trees are abnormaly large groups of trees that can transport objects over large distances at faster then light speeds. The biomechanics of the Gate-Trees are vastly unknown as all Palantian 'technology' was purposefully forgotten after a legendary rebellion. All that is known or even guessed by Illium scientists is that the Gate-Trees may be using grossly powerful telekinetic powers to fold space and time.

The biggest drawback of the use of Gate-trees is that destinations of Gates are unchartered so a highly armored pressurised scouting suit is used to make sure that the destination Gate is a live planet and not in a small number of cases an asteroid.


How a Gate-Tree looks is roughly based on the size of the gate. Some gates are just two Gate-Trees a metre apart where as others are newly formed formations of 40 to 100 Gate-Trees in a circular shape used to transport Iota-Pact Fleets.

Access Level

Only Palantian Councel members have direct access to this ancient techonology as such technology can taint even the most loyal of people.