Force Commander's Guard, Special Force

The Special Force Force Commander's Guard, usually known as FC Squad, is the personal body guard unit of the Delta Military Forces Special Force's Force Commander.


Current Status

Upon rising to the rank of Force Commander, Ardugrafar completely revamped his body guard, turning it from a ceremonial honour guard to a practical, and successful, fighting unit. The unit has seven members, including Adugrafar himself, but rarely operates as a whole group, as most of the members hold positions elsewhere in the Special Force. Members are hand picked by Ardugrafar from the very best the Special Force has to offer.


The current members are:

  • Ardugrafar, "Dug", is Force Commander of the Special Forces and a cyber warfare, special recon and commando operations specialist. He leads Unit 1.
  • Maraesa Kristoen, "Aesa", is a guerilla warfare and rifles specialist and Ardugrafar's wife. She is the squad's second-in-command and performs solo missions for SpecFor's guerilla branch.
  • "Saint" is a reformed convict and escaped UCI slave turned commando, disruption warfare and demolitions specialist.
  • Kastmar Svard, "Kast", is an roboform(though he is oroshaped and can use dermal holographics to appear organic) covert ops and force recon specialist.
  • Kiyaraskaera, "Kiya", is an oroform extraterrestrial infantry soldier, capable of unassisted orbital and deep space operations. She is also an electronics and cyber warfare specialist and a Delta Starblading and Belt Racing champion.
  • Belyaeremsuno, "Suno", is a sniper and stealth specialist. He leads the SF's elite "Invisible Lance" sniper unit.
  • Talrael Boranno, "Crash-test", is a pilot, expert at both terrestrial and extraterrestrial vehicles, as well as being an accomplished Marine commando.