Federal President

The Federal President, or the Prime Councillor of the Upper Council of the Canthian Federation, is the Head of State of the Canthian Federation. The meritocratically appointed position is currently held by Lyssa Vald.

Duties and Powers

The Federal President is the chief executive of the Canthian Federation. He or she wields considerable power and is only answerable to the Federal Councils and, in very specific cases, the Supreme Commander of the Canthian Federation Military.

It is illegal for a single person to hold the office of Federal President at the same time as being Supreme Commander.


Whenever a President, is removed from power an Acting President is automatically appointed to run the Federation until a new President is chosen. Five potential Acting Presidents are usually nominated by the President when they take office, ranked in order of secession.

If a Federal President is removed from their position by enemy action, be this assassination, corruption or other hostile methods, the Supreme Commander of the Canthian Federation Military becomes Acting President. Succession after that follows the line of succession of the Supreme Commander.