Federal Council

The Federal Council is the supreme legislative body of the Cantian Federation. It is lead by the Federal President. It is bicameral containing an Upper and Lower council.

Upper Council

The Upper Council is the more powerful of the two bodies and the one that the President is a member of. It has 9 members, including the president.



The 9 members of the council are appointed in several different ways. In normal situations, only one meritocratic or two democratic councillors are replaced at any one time. Other contingencies exist for situations where too many councillors are missing for the standard process to work.

The President is appointed by the 8 other council members when a President is not in office. A member of the council is usually selected but the law states that any citizen not convicted of a serious crime may be appointed. The Supreme Commander of the Canthian Federation Military also may not be appointed without first leaving the military as it is believed this would give one person too much power and no serving Judge may be appointed.

Four of the council members are appointed through a meritocratic process. Two are chosen by the President and two are chosen by the other members of the council.

Three council members are elected through a democratic process. One is elected by the members of the 5 Regional Councils while the other two are elected by the citizens of the Federation.

Current Members

Lower Council

The Lower Council is the weaker of the two bodies and exists primarily to monitor the Upper Council and prevent it from abusing it's power.