faction construction
Faction Sorted? Summary
Canthian Federation sorted Philip's guys
The Technocracy sorted Cyborgs
Ark Fleet Consortium semi-sorted Giant guns, barbarianny
Nenwe Republic sorted nanogenetic magical powers, ex-imperial
Sekht Union not Other Sekhts rebelling against the Krun
1 sorted Giant AI
United Corporations of Innua sorted Hyper capitalists
Vulaan Descent sorted Jamie's dudes
Union of Vulct sortedish Rebels turned government
Allian Republic sorted High-efficiency squad based combat
Noemen Conglomerate sorted Arctic gnomes
Libran Remnant not Lamon Rae's chaps
Barak's Clan not Clan of exceptionally intelligent Barbaric Boyz
Illia Imran's chaps
Palantia Tree people's
Al-Filizz Desert Nomad Junkers/Freedom Fighters
Skurian Confederacy Alien monkey like subterreanen dwellers
Rarrol Collective not Space Whales
Bad Guys
Razarihm sort of Darkness
Tyr sorted Armour suit empire guys
Sehktokrun not Aliens
Sigmus sorted Evil scientists
Kankaar Genetically Modified Illians who have sworn revenge on their Illian Cousins
Iron Lord sorted Sentient, evil armour suit that possesses people
Planet Eaters sorted Hive mind insectoid aliens
Orikoidus Barbaricus sorted Savage, tribal, semi-sentient monsters
Chaos not Various light and dark wielding enemies