Vald Under Fire Over CFM Budget

Tesra, Canthia - 13:10 6.1.0

Canthian Federation President Lyssa Vald has come under heavy criticism after increasing the Canthian Federation Military's budget by six percent. The news has eclipsed the other budgetary changes announced in this morning's Federation Financial Plan announcement, which included increased spending in public health and a cut in business subsidies.

Argan Caleth, a fierce detractor of President Vald, released a statement shortly after the FFP announcement in which he claims that "Vald is systematically turning our great nation into a Military Dictatorship…" He went on to accuse Vald of being a puppet of the CFM and asserts that "…Ardugrafar is the real leader of this nation, no-one wields more power than him." He also claimed that the threats against the Federation were greatly exaggerated in order to solidify the Military's power.

Democratic Campaigner and Revolutionary, Gratayufal, also released a statement in which he warns that "…the growing strength of the military is a grave threat to the freedom of the Federation," and, claimed that the Razarihm, Planet Eaters and Tyr Empire were all lies and propaganda constructed to keep the Canthian people prisoner in their own homelands. Controversially, he then went on to call for citizens of the Federation to rise up in rebellion and overthrow the "dictatorial meritocratic fascists." Gratayufal was arrested 45 minutes later on charges of inciting violence and possession of illegal weapons, and has been temporarily stripped of his Cascade Council position pending trial.

The Federal Council released a statement in support of the budgetary changes and of Vald's presidency. Federal Councillor, Jas Artalla, said that "We live in a time of great threat to every aspect of our lives and that the brave efforts of our military were protecting us from horrors beyond the imagination of civilised people."

Ardugrafar, Supreme Commander of the CFM, reiterated this sentiment, in his usual course manner. In a interview with a reporter he challenged detractors of the military to "…see if they can defend their own home from a Razarihm Kast warrior determined to eat their children." Brandishing the severed head of a Planet Eater Wraith, he said that he was "…sick of short-sighted politicians trying to gather short-term power at the expense of the Federations safety, and any idiot who claims we're exaggerating these threats is welcome to come and fight one."

President Vald has not made any comment since the end of the press conference.