Federation President Injured As Gunmen Attack Federal Capitol

Tesra, Canthia, Cascade - 12:48 9.1.0

Today's Supreme Commander's Report was interrupted by a group of heavily armed gunmen who broke into the Federal Council Chamber and opened fire on the Council, Supreme Commander and the audience. The group was killed in a gunfight with the Supreme Commander and his Bodyguards, but no other lives were lost. Federal President, Lyssa Vald, took a pulse shot to the stomach and was admitted to hospital shortly after the battle, and several audience members were also injured.

The Council had convened for the annual Supreme Commander's Report, a ceremonial meeting in which the Supreme Commander reports on the Federation Military's progress over the last year. When the attack began, Ardugrafar was half way through his speech.

The group, who are believed to have been Sekhtokrun operatives that had infiltrated the Capitol Guard, attacked from several points in attempted suprise attack. Some were among the Capitol guardsmen in the room, while other attacked from the main doors and the upper balcony. They were wielding Guard-issue rifles and Sekhtokrun pulse weaponry.

The uncorrupted guards were left in disarray and it fell to the Supreme Commander and his Retinue, to stop the attackers. Armed with only handguns, they engaged the gunmen, while the Council took shelter behind their armoured, shielded desk. Within minutes they had killed all of the more heavily armed invaders.

An hour later, Ardugrafar, still wearing his blood-stained dress uniform, made a statement to reporters outside the Capitol. He announced that the Capitol Guard had been replaced with CFM troops while Federal and Military Police investigated the attack. When asked how gunmen had managed to reach the heart of the Federation's government, he responded: "The Capitol Guard is purposefully separate from the Military so I have no control over the security of the Capitol. I will, however, be dealing with whoever is responsible for this ridiculous lapse in security personally. Someone will burn for this, and I'm not counting the gunman I set on fire with that plasma rifle."