The Technocracy
The Technocracy
Friendly - Delta Pact
Internal Data
Aliases Cyborg Alliance
Capital Kaladras IV
Claimed Regions Molten Forge, Cerebra and Titan's Field
Major Ethnic Groups Junkarl, Arthian
Demonym Technocrat
Population 1 trillion
Government Unitary Constitutional Tecnhnocracy
Head Of State Grand Administrator Hatrassor Kasain
Military Technocratic Armed Forces
Official Languages Kalian, NeoArthian, Standard, Canthian
Currency Technian Credits

The Technocracy is a faction which unites most of the inhabitants of the Molten Forge, Cerebra and Titan's Field regions. It was founded in GY-723-CA by the Junkarl people of Kaladras IV and the Krasar Republic, and has grown since then to become a major military and economic power. A founding member of the Delta Pact, they have been close allies of the Canthian Federation since they first met in GY-1012-CA.

The Technocracy's population is almost entirely Arthian and is dominated by the Junkarl, an Arthian Descendant Race which embraces the fusion between organics and cybernetics. Non-cyborgs are rare among The Technocracy's citizens.


United Republic

The United Republic was a government which united a large number of worlds in the Molten Forge region. It had been formed in -429 as a democratic union to improve the security and economy of the region and had slowly gained more and more power over it's member states. Although the republic's power was spreading further and further it remained focussed in it's capital city on the planet of Teshar III. The politicians elected by the member worlds to represent them rarely left the city and many had never even been to the planets they were elected by. Soon, a psuedo-aristocracy had formed within UR society and only those linked to existing politicians had any chance of getting elected to power. Corruption was rife and most elections were rigged.

By -402, the once mighty Union was crumbling and collapsing in on itself. While the politicians attended lavish balls, the people of the Union slowly starved and entire farm planets lay uncultivated. Every day more and more planets declared independence and set about fighting with the Union and each other over resources and territory. The politicians reacted unwisely, raising taxes to

The Bloodless Revolution

In -398, the little known sociologist, Hertar Coseyit, published a paper in which he analysed the Union's current government and scientifically calculated it's level of efficiency in governance. He also calculated the theoretical efficiency of several other government types, both used in the history of the Unions members and untested theoretical ones.. He calculated that the bloated bureaucracy and out-of-touch politicians had created a government that was only slightly better than Anarchy


The Technocracy's military is the Technocratic Armed Forces which combines Planetary and Space warfare into a single service.


The technocracy is a unitary state which, as the name suggests, uses a technocratic government system. Each area of society for which there is a government department, has a corresponding field of science,for which there is a controlling organisation known as a Society. For example, the Department of Health is linked to the Society of Medicine. All science degree holders are members of their corresponding society. The society is lead by a board of directors who are elected by the members of the society and who appoint scientists from their society to government positions. Members of the boards cannot also hold government positions. Not all government positions are appointed by the societies, most lower ranked positions are appointed by higher ranking officials, and some positions are