Species Arthian
Nationality Canthian
Affiliation Canthian Federation Military
Aliases Tria
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth GY-1214-GA
Height 1.62 m
Mass 65 kg
Hair Colour Green
Eye Colour Brown/Green
Skin Colour Pale Brown
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Barargat VI
Occupation Soldier
Rank Retinue Elite

Teitriarangar(Short name: Tria), is a female Arthian, a citizen of the Canthian Federation and a member of the Canthian Federation Military's most elite unit, the Supreme Commander's Retinue. She is a Retinue Elite and is married to Supreme Commander Ardugrafar.


Personal timeline

Early Life

Tria was born in the recently built Hunter's Refuge settlement on the Canthian Federation colony planet Baragat VI in -51. Although habitable, the planet was prone to extreme weather conditions and she grew up experiencing unexpected hurricanes and tornadoes fairly often. The native animals of the planet had evolved to be tough and strong to survive the deadly weather and hunting them became a popular, although extremely dangerous, sport for the settlers. The rare meats from the most deadly creatures were soon prized across the constellation and quickly became the planets secondary export, dwarfed only by the large undersea mining operations which had originally caused the planet to be colonised. Both Tria's parents were skilled hunters and as soon as she was old enough Tria learned to hunt. She took to it like a natural and surpassed her parents by the time she was 16.

In -35 Hunter's Refuge was attacked by Arthian slavers, in the employ of the Sekhtokrun. They bombed the small complex of buildings from the sky before invading with well armed troops. Anyone who tried to resist was killed or captured and the attackers swept through the town, quickly reaching Tria's home. Her family fought the slavers with their Hunting Rifles but one by one were taken down by stun weapons. Tria was last to fall, and killed five slavers before they could stun her, but she too ended up in the cells of their ship.

The events that transpired aboard the slavers ship after it left Baragat have never been publicly revealed by Tria but the vessel was found drifting in orbit around a moon in a nearby system three days later by a Canthian Federation Patrol Frigate. When they board the ship they discovered only one living person. The rooms and corridors were stained with blood and littered with the corpses of slaves and slavers alike. Tria was found, passed out from shock and dehydration on the bridge, drenched in blood and surrounded by a pile of slaver corpses. Evidence suggested that the slaves had attempted to escape and had been brutally massacred by the crew in a fierce battle. It would had appear that Tria survived the deaths of her fellow slaves and proceeded to slaughter every slaver left alive.

She was transported to the medical centre at the CFM space station where she remained in the coma for several months. She spent the next two years in a top medical centre for sufferers of post traumatic stress where a brilliant psychologist, Professor Setarran, helped her to recover from the experience. Setarran is one of a very small number of people who Tria has revealed what happened aboard the slaver ship.

Early Military Career

On her 21st(CY) Birthday, she left the facility and joined the Infantry Forces. She passed her infantry training with the highest marks possible and was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Legion. After three years as a standard Trooper, serving in several different platoons, she was promoted to Warrior and was transferred from the 18thDivision to the 3rd, assigned to squad Within six months she was promoted to Squad Leader and given command of Squad During the Last Battle for Untar Prime she met Ardugrafar when she and her troops rescued his squad from a Neo-Treng Hunter Pack ambush. He and his Commanding Officer, Elite Commander Tanrageth, were extremely impressed by her combat skills and made a recommendation for her to be trained as an assault specialist.

She accepted the transfer and spent the next 2 years undergoing harsh training to earn Assault Specialist status. Again she passed the training with flying colours and was moved into the 3rd Legion's specialist 1st division, joining the assault focussed 11th Regiment and taking command of Platoon 6.3. Within a year she had been nominated for Elite status and was approved quickly, one of the youngest soldiers ever to reach the prestigious rank. This attracted the attention of the 1st legions Assault(14th) Division Commander Seerasor Tel, who invited Tria to join the elite legion.

1st Legion

She was initially assigned to Squad 6.2.5(Division 14 has no Regiments) and was given command of the squad within three months. She lead her squad a string of masterfully successful missions in the Darkened Coil Campaign and she and her squad were all awarded veteran status after surviving for three weeks on a hostile industrial world after an unexpected counter attack left them unable to reach the evac point.

Battalion Commander Seerasor Tel was extremely pleased with her performance and, bypassing Platoon leadership, promoted her to Company Chief, giving her command of the 3rd Company. She immediately took the entire company off active duty for three months. On an inhospitable desert world deep in Federation space, she and her Platoon Leaders tested every member of the Company to their limits. Afterwards, she completely restructured the squads, putting her troops together with the comrades they worked best with. She took the best four soldiers from the company and formed an elite Alpha Squad(1.1) which she commanded personally. Upon their return to duty, the Company was assigned to Ninth Fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Ardugrafar, just as the fleet began the Impenetrable Shell Campaign. During the 5 year campaign Dug and Tria became close friends. Although her company was extremely successful, she found she did not like being a Company Chief. When Dug formed an elite Honor Guard that he would personally lead in battle, and offered her a place she jumped at the chance, leaving her company in the hands of her Vice-Chief.

Ardugrafar's Retinue

She fought the rest of the campaign as part of the Honor Guard and followed Ardugrafar afterwards when he transferred to defending a system on the Rihm front. He made her commander of the system's ground forces, and she got a taste of both army leadership and defeat as the system came under heavy attack by the Rihm and fell to them. She continued to lead the ground forces as they morphed into guerilla marines during a protracted running battle with the Rihm that had ousted them. This campaign also saw the begining of a relationship between Dug and Tria and, after about 5 years, he proposed to her. They got married in -19 on Jamieson's flagship, in orbit around Canthia.

When Ardugrafar reformed his Honor Guard upon being given command of the 1st Fleet, Tria was the first to join. She and Dug began a friendship with the Void Warrior Jamieson during the intense fighting. She was the only member of the retinue to survive the beginning of the Sigmus Campaign and was instrumental in the revolution that Jamieson and Ardugrafar began during their escape from the world.


Battle Dress and Equipment

Although her equipment varies from mission to mission, Tria will usually vary her setups around a core set of weapons, armour and clothes that she prefers to use when possible. She has a custom built combat suit that has been optimised for speed while maintaining the protective power of standard medium infantry armour. In addition to her powered exoskeleton being optimised for sprinting while firing a weapon, she has had several other modifications made. Her helmet is entirely custom and it's design is based around the skull of a "Death-hound", one of the large, predatory mammals she fought on Baragat VI. The rear of the helmet has an opening which allower here hair to hang out in a ponytail, and the suit includes 8 bladed, robotic arms which intertwine with the hair and turn it into a surprise melee weapon, and even a limited extra limb; the combination of hair and robotics is strong enough to hold the weight of Tria and her armour suit. The armor itself mostly follows the standard design, with the addition of an expensive sensor scattering field which makes it dificult for automated weapons and foes using computer aided aiming to track her movements. She carries a personal teleport which is several seconds quicker, and several times more expensive, than the standard issue CFM model.

Her guns of choice are all entirely custom built. The "Hailstorm" Assault Rifle is a short to medium range, automatic, rapid fire hybrid coilgun/firearm. Coilgun mode, which requires the gun to be powered, provides an extremely high rate of fire, approaching 5000 rounds per minute in good conditions, and fires very high speed, non-explosive projectiles, which can approach 0.5 c. Firearm mode can work when powered and mechanically, allowing the rifle to be used when the energy cell is dry or when shut down to avoid being picked up by sensors. While the firearm mode has a lower rate of fire, roughly 3000 rounds per minute, and fire slower projectiles the lack of magnetic field involved when firing means that explosive, nuclear and other high damage ammunition can safely be used. The gun can be fitted with standard magazines and ammunition belts or drums, but these do not last long at the rate at which the gun can fire. Tria's friendship with Void Warrior Jamieson means that she usually able to fit a void clip, effectively giving her unlimited ammunition. The gun has an advanced onboard computer system which, in powered mode, links with her helmet HUD to provide data about ammunition, weapon status and targeting information. The gun has a large number of add-on modules, including a grenade launcher, plasma cannon, flamer, chain sword and nanite launcher. As her "close combat" weapons, she carries a hybrid machine pistol and a short chainsword. The pistol possesses similar properties to the assault rifle, but on a smaller scale and optimised for short range fire.


Tria officially falls into the "Heavily Internally Augmented" category of the CFM Cyborg Classification Scale. She has an extensive network of blood and organ nanites which vastly improve her immune system and ability to heal from wounds. Several artificial glands are able to release hormones and chemicals in emergencies to vastly improve her strength, speed and response time. A defribulator is built in around her heart and her major bones have been replaced with an extremely strong carbon composite. Her artificial skull is able to cryogenic ally freeze her brain in case of heart failure or loss. Several major organs have been replaced with smaller, artificial versions to make space for spares. Her only neural augmentation is a system which allows her to shut off pain signals by thought.


Tria's is the Canthian Federation's leading specialist in assault infantry warfare. She prefers to use rapid-fire automatic rifles and is an expert at short to medium range marksmanship. In offensive combat she will usually seek to use her personal teleport to warp straight into the centre of an enemy unit. Alternatively, she will always try to push forward, overpowering defences with heavy fire while she runs from cover to cover. When she reaches a suitable range she will burst out of cover and charge straight at her foe, making up for the lack of accuracy caused by running with sheer volume of ammunition fired.

Her close combat style is similar to Dug's and was developed by both of them while sparring together. She wields an automatic pistol in one hand and a chainsword in the other. Unlike Dug, she doesn't hold the sword ina reverse grip, which gives her a different stance and and a more agressive combat style.


  • First Class Assault Specialist
  • Master Rank Assault Rifler