DMF Ranks

The Delta Military Forces uses a modular rank system. Each member of personnel has a rank level, defined by the various titles they hold. Each Force under who's jurisdiction they fall gives them one of four ranks(see below). Ranks from multiple branches can be combined. To these a large number of specialisms, prefixes, suffixes and honorifics can be added, each with a value that adds or subtracts from the bearer's rank level. In certain locations and theaters, some ranks have modifiers applied to them. Eg. In a Cyber Warfare Centre, having the prefix "Cyber" in your rank will increase your rank level by one.

Basic Ranks

The basic ranks are as follows:

Level Navy Infantry Support Special Security
4 Commander
3 Captain Elite Engineer Special Elite Inspector
2 Lieutenant Warrior Technician Specialist Sergeant
1 Ensign Trooper Operator N/A Constable
0 Recruit Trainee N/A Trainee



Veteran is a title given to personnel who have been in service for at least 10 years and have proven themselves to be skilled and experienced.


Retinue is a rare prefix given only to members of the Supreme Commander's Retinue, the DMF's most elite infantry combat unit. Retinue replaces all other ranks except Elite, making SCR members "Retinue Elites".

Honour Guard

A prefix used for members of Fleet or Army Honour Guards, elite bodyguard units for the Fleet or Army Commander. It replaces Veteran, where applicable.



A sniper specialises in extreme-long range, high accuracy combat. The often operate separate from their unit and provide cover and command assassination skills.


Sharpshooters are similar to snipers, but operate at shorter ranges and generally stay with their unit.


Soldiers who specialise in cybernetic warfare.


Soldiers who possess the cybernetic modifications necessary to be Stardancers and who specialise in starblade combat.

Special Ranks


Captain refers to the officer in charge of a vessel with more than 5 crew members. It can be equivalent to a great variety of ranks, from Operator Leader to Ace Commander, but is only given to those with a Command rank. It is even used for high ranking officers such as the Supreme Commander, when they take personal command of a ship.


Admiral refers to the officer in charge of a fleet of warships. The definition of fleet varies depending on mission parameters. It can be equivalent to a great variety of ranks, though it is rarely given to anyone below Commander rank and is usually given to Pilot Commanders or higher. The admiral of a fleet is often the Captain of the fleet's Flagship or Prime Command Ship. It is used for even high ranking officers such as the Supreme Commander, when they take personal command of a fleet.

Force Commander

The commanding officer of one of the DMF's six forces.

Military Commander

The commanding officer of the DMF. Outranked only by the Delta Commander.