Canthian (Synth-race)

The Canthian Synth-race is a cyborg, Arthian-descendent racial group and the the primary racial group of Delta. Members of the synth-race share Arthian biological ancestry and all share the same cyborg architecture.


Canthians can be traced back to the primary species of the Arthian Empire, an Orikyan sapient group usually referred to as High Arthians. Although cyborg technology existed in the Arthian period, it was rare. Genetic modification, on the other hand, was extremely common by the fall of the empire. Initially genetic modification of sapients was outlawed by the Arthian monarchy and modifiers and those they modified were hunted down and burnt by an inquisitorial police force.

This changed with the crowning of Emporer Tas-Hakeen III. Hakeen had been a secret practitioner of genetic modification for most of his life and, on the death of his brother under suspicious circumstances, set about rebuilding the Arthian people to match his ideals of perfection. He not only legalised genetics but twenty years into his reign, made it illegal for any child born in the empire to not be subject to modification by the Royal Genetics Perfection Institute. Initial opposition to the changes were brutally crushed by the Royal Armies and people quickly became enamoured with the beautiful, talented people his modification engineered.

Hakeen ruled for 40 years, and his son, Tas-Jekom XII, for 67 following him. His son followed an even harder-line path of genetic "perfection". This period, known as the "Dark Rebirth" saw the very genetic structure of the Arthian race rebuilt. Children born naturally were hunted down and executed, in much the same way GM individuals had been hunted under previous monarchs. The rebirth saw significant a permanent changes to the Arthian race, forever disconnecting it from its Orikyan forebears. The biggest changes were:

  • Near eradication of genetic diseases
  • Homogenisation of the race to a single skin, hair and eye colour
  • Increase of average height to 190cm, reduction of variation in height
  • Improvement of senses, intelligence, physical abilities, etc.

Once the "Arthian ideal" had been reached, genetic modification was reigned back and citizens were allowed to breed naturally again, with heavy screening for "undesirable" genetic attributes. Subsequent monarchs lessened the restrictions of citizen's genetics but there was never any concerted effort to revert the race to its previous state.

After the fall, the Arthian race was broken up by the collapse of interstellar travel. Over the several thousand years it took for civilisation to rebuild, there was a small amount of natural diversification but the Arthian race remained largely unchanged.

The Canthian race is traced back to two of these Arthian sub-groups, although it absorbed many of the others later in it's development. Namely, the Canths and the Aians. The Aians had…

Racial Characteristics

The four defining influences on Canthians are:

  1. Basic Orikyan physiology, which remains unchanged on a number of limbs and eyes level
  2. Heavy genetic modification during the Dark rebirth which "upgraded" and homogenised the race
  3. Lighter genetic modification in the Canthian and Delta periods largely to introduce greater diversity in the race
  4. Cyborg synthesis during the Delta period

The fourth arguably being the greatest change of them all. Canthian DNA has been permenantly augmented to generate a nanite colony within the body. These nanites are fully integrated with the organic systems of the body. The work in synthesis with the full organic growth abilities of the body to grow cybernetically enhanced organs. They are also connected to a set of modified regions of the brain, design to make interfacing with artificial systems, and the in built nanites, as natural as thinking and sensing.

This Nanite DNA provides a base cyborganic body which Canthians are able to exapnd upon and upgrade later in life. Thus, all Canthians have transmitters built into their brains, the ability to breathe underwater, strength and agility well above their natural level and myriad other enhancements. Canthians are able to will their nanite organs to repair damage to their body and even to undertake modifications and upgrade purely by thought.