Species Arthian
Nationality Canthian
Affiliation Canthian Federation Military
Aliases Dug
Personal Data
Gender Male
Date of Birth GY-1213-GA
Height 1.9 m
Mass 85 kg
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Pink
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Keipr
Occupation Soldier
Rank Supreme Commander

Ardugrafar is a male citizen of the Canthian Federation, of Orikyan and Arthian descent. He is currently the Supreme Commander of the Canthian Federation Military, a member of the Federal Upper Council, Chief Co-ordinator of the Combined Delta Military and Delta Representative to the TriForce Higher Council. In battle, he personally commands the Supreme Commander's Retinue and is the Captain of the CMS Xerxes. He is married to CFM Retinue Elite Teitriarangar and is close friends with Omega leader Jamieson and Iota leader Imran Tayyabah.


Personal Timeline

Early Life

Ardugrafar was born on Keipr, Canthia's fourth moon, in CY-1395-CA(-52). His father, Arkanafar, was a Cybernetics Engineer and his mother, Siestallen, was a Computer Scientist.

Early Military Career

Dug joined the Canthian Federation Military in CY-1418-CA(-32) as a Cyber Soldier, a role at which he quickly excelled. He was promoted to Trooper in 8 months, and became Leader of his squad in 20. In his third year, he volunteered for an experimental program to create a unit of battlefield hackers with combat skills. The unit was part of the 1st Legion's Commando Division(I1.3), making Dug one of the youngest members of the legion ever. After a year of intense training and cyborganic modification, he was given the rank of Cyber Commando Warrior and his squad(I1.3.9.1) entered combat for the first time. In a stealth operation into a Sekhtokrun city, the small group of hackers managed to knock out the entire power grid, allowing drop-troops to capture the city with almost no resistance.

This and several other successful missions convinced the Commander of the Commando Division that Battle Hacking was an effective tactic and he authorised the creation of 10 more units, mixing soldiers with commando and cyber warfare experience. Each of the members of the original squad was promoted to Cyber Commando Warrior Leader and given command of one of the new ones. Dug's squad, I1., quickly found success and outshone the rest of the unit. At this time, during the Last Battlle for Untar prime, he had a fateful meeting with the then Squad Leader, Teitriarangar, who would later become his wife. When the Platoon's commander was killed in battle, Dug was selected as the new leader. He and his entire squad were promoted to Elites and Dug was given the rank of Chief. After an extremely successful year under his command, the Platoon is again upgraded to a Company and quadruples in size.


The Company's rapid improvement, and it's members fierce loyalty to their leader soon draws attention to Dug. High Command decided to make Dug a Commander, and to give him Command of a small group of ships, which acted as a mobile base for the Cyber Commando Company. The small group of frigates crashed into the headlines when it was ambushed by a Sehktokrun battleship and managed to disable and capture the battleship, and it's two escorts, without losing a single ship. In reaction to this, Command transferred Dug to command of the 89th fleet, a skirmish warfare battlegroup which was fighting deep in Sekhtokrun space. Dug applied his cyber warfare skills to the task of disrupting enemy operations and morphed the fleet into sabotage specialists.

In CY-1427-CA, during a massive reorganisation of the Military, the Supreme Commander decided to gamble on Dug's winning streak and gave him command of Operation Impenetrable Shell. The 89th Fleet is greatly expanded and, after three months of preparation and training, launches a scorching attack on the heavily entrenched world of Carakus. Leading from the front line of combat, Dug garners the respect and loyalty of his soldiers and quickly sweeps through the system that had resisted all attack for seven years. Without waiting for orders he bolsters his fleet with captured Krun vessels and charges deeper into the Cara cluster, capturing Caratas and Carajun in only two months.

Impressed with his results, Command increases the size of his fleet and orders him to take the rest of the cluster. A protracted war begins, but by CY-3-GA(-20), all 12 systems in the cluster have fallen and Dug has become a household name. His fleet returned to Atan for a Hero's welcome and he was given the rank of Veteran. The campaign also saw the beginning of the unit that was to become the Supreme Commander's Retinue and the beginning of Dug's relationship with Tria. After the campaign ended, Dug proposed to Tria and a year later, in -19, they got married on Jamieson's flagship, in orbit around Canthia.


Looking to improve his defensive skills and to fight a different foe, Dug requested a transfer to command of a system near the front line with the Razarihm. He was put in charge of three industrial worlds which soon come under attack by the Rihm, who were charging through Canthian space with all attempts to stop them failed. Dug manages to hold onto the system for just over a month before forced to retreat, pulling the System's fleet out of the system and beginning a running battle against the Rihm that lasted for three years. He scored a few minor victories before the Order of Illumination joined the fight and halted the Razarihm progress.


Ardugrafar was selected to lead the Delta fleet, and the Canthian 1st Fleet during the celebratory Ket Campaign. Fighting alongside each other for the first time, Jamieson and Dug became friends. Dug impressed the Omega military by fighting on the front lines of the war and lead the Delta forces on an unstoppable rampage with an incredibly low number of casualties. He also joined Jamieson in a duel with the Iron Lord, in which he lost an arm took nearly enough damage to kill him but which also ended the war.

After the campaign, Dug became Omega Commander for the CFM, leading a group of fleets which worked closely with their Omega allies. He fought alongside Jamieson many times and they became close friends, solidifying the alliance between the two forces. For five years he fought mostly on the Tyr front, leading Delta and Omega fleets to countless victories, as well as several losses. In -8 he was appointed Vice-Chief Co-ordinator of the Combine Delta Military. He resigned from the position less than a year later after several arguments with the then Chief Co-ordinator Palessan Boratrax over command decisions. After resigning, he was appointed the CFM representative to the CDM Council and fought repeatedly to remove Boratrax from office. He also returned to his Omega Commander position. Over the next five years he lead many operations across Delta and Omega space and built up a reputation as a hero of the Canthian Federation.


In -3 Ardugrafar dissapeared while on a Secret Mission with Jamieson Omega. Both leaders and their bodyguards and ships were kidnapped by the sinister Sigmus Institute, the totalitaarian government of the hidden planet Sigmus. They soon escaped with Tria and Maugin, the only other survivors, and went on to incite a revolution, that ended up placing them in charge of the planet, a year later, and allowing them to establish contact with their home factions.


Battle Dress and Equipment

Ardugrafar varies his equipment greatly based on mission parameters, but always defaults to his favourite setup. He wears a heavy-duty, powered, nanoweave trench coat over a heavily modified Commando Exosuit. His suit has been upgraded to interface with his personal modifications and is also several times more resilient than the default armour. It is also completely integrated with his personal computer, which is spread across several worlds and a multitude of different hand-held and armour and vehicle mounted devices, linked through the Grid. He is rarely found without his primary hand-held, a small device which generates persistent, tactile holograms for the display and input. This device is optimised for hacking building security systems and various enemy communication networks. He also has an incredibly expensive personal teleport system which has faster greater range and recharge time than those used by standard Canthian troops.


His primary weapon of choice is the PA-3SR Hybrid Combat Gun or heavily modified CFM "Intruder" a projectile shotgun. It has an optional pump action, largely for show, and can operate in coilgun and firearm mode and is able to hold the pellets of the blast together for up to 50 metres, before scattering them, greatly increasing the weapons range with reducing spread or effectiveness. By replacing the ammo tube with various add-ons, it can be quickly converted into an EM Scattergun, Plasma ventgun or even a grenade launcher. He usually fits a void clip or gate clip to avoid having to reload the weapon. His secondary weapons usually consist of an automatic pistol, a sniper pistol and a short chain sword.


Ardugrafar is categorised as "Heavily Internally Augmented" and is an organoform cyborg. Aside from a vast horde of nanites which give him rapid regeneration, he has had his entire skeleton replaced with a nanotitanium composite and has several shield generators embedded to protect various major organs. He has brain augmentations that allow him to greatly boost and damp his senses and two built in teleports, one capable of teleporting his entire body, and one which only teleports his skull, effectively killing him but preserving his brain so that his body can be regrown and rebuilt and his life restored. He has had physical and energy blade weapons embedded into his feet and arms, allowing him to produce weapons from his forearms, the back of his hands and his feet. He also has several projectile energy weapons, one in each hand and one in his chest. Mostly for effect, he has had laser weapons mounted in his eyeballs.


Ardugrafar is arguably the best "cyber commando" in the known galaxy and is extremely skilled in both hacking and combat. In battle, he specialises in close range infantry warfare, avoiding stealth when possible, as demonstrated by his weapon of choice, the shotgun. When heavier fire power is required he will often switch to a minigun. In close combat, he uses a dual handed fighting style with a short chain sword, held in a reverse grip, in his right hand and an automatic, projectile firing pistol in his left hand. The fighting style is similar to Tria's and was developed by the two of them when they sparred together. His different stance and sword grip makes his style slightly more defensive than hers.