Advanced Combat Unit 3

Advanced Combat Unit 3, briefly known as Small Special Forces Squad Beta, is one of the Canthian Federation Military Commando Division's most skilled units. It is the last remaining squad from the doomed Advanced Combat Division.

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The unit was formed in GY-1237-CA along with 9 other units in the experimental "Advanced Combat Division". Designed to create a small number of diverse squads containing the very best special forces troops that the CFM could produce. Each of the nine squads focussed on a different special forces role, and the unit was meticulously designed, before soldiers where chosen, so that each squad's specialities complemented the other. Squad 3 was designed as the smallest, with only three members, designed for extended duration, semi-covert commando units.

The rigorous selection process considered over three hundred CFM special forces operatives, before Elite Commander Drasaran, the officer in charge of the ACU, found a report on a mission by Squad I2., a Warrior Infantry Team. The squad was cut off from allied forces during a Razarihm invasion on Par Gana. A misfired EMP and a Razarihm ambush left the squad reduced to half numbers, completely lacking communication and four hundred kilometres behind enemy lines. Before they were able to get closer than two hundred kilometres, the CFM had abandoned the planet, listing the squad as MIA. The squad, having lost it's leader and all ranking officers proceeded to fight it's way to the last city the CFM had last held, before finding they had been abandoned. During a prolonged battle on the outskirts of the city's space ports, all but three of the squad were killed.

The remaining three Warriors, Faergravenn, Kastmarsvard and Imivatosuhde, fought their way across the city to a CFM bunker that had yet to be found by the Rihm, contacted CFM forces still fighting in orbit. They were informed that an evac would be impossible while the Razarihm Sky Station remained in place above the city, as they could not spare the firepower required to break it's shield bubble. Ignoring orders to remain hidden until the planet was retaken, the three soldiers infiltrated the Sky Station via cargo ships carrying spoils from the city, and proceeded to permanently destroy both it's shield systems and both it's main and backup defence computers. They then stormed the bridge, killed the command crew, and crashed the station into the desert to the south of the city.

After being evacuated and returned to Canthia, they were approached by Drasarn who offered them ACU 3. They accepted.


The squad has only ever had 3 members and has not changed any member since forming. They are:

Veteran Assault Commando Elite Faergravenn
Speciality: Heavy Infantry Warfare and Close Combat
Standard weapon: Assault Rifle with Chainsaw Bayonet

Veteran Demolitions Commando Elite Kastmarsvard
Speciality: Heavy Weapons and Explosives
Standard weapon: Modular Rocket/Grenade Launcher

Veteran Sniper Commando Elite Imivatosuhde
Speciality: Long Range High Accuracy Warfare
Standard weapon: Sniper Rifle