Delta Pact
Delta Pact
Friendly - DOIA
Internal Data
Aliases Delta, Delta Confederation
Capital Asuras IV
Claimed Regions Held by member factions
Major Ethnic Groups Arthian
Demonym Deltan
Population 16 trillion
Government Confederate Presidential Constitutional Democracy
Head Of State Delta President Lyssa Vald
Military Combined Delta Military
Official Languages NeoArthian
Currency Delta Credit

The Delta Pact is a military, economic, legal and cultural alliance between the three Post-Arthian Superpowers; the Canthian Federation, The Technocracy and the United Corporations of Innua. The Delta Pact's members control 11 regions, centred on the space once controlled by the Arthian Empire, includes 7,000 inhabited worlds and has a combined population of 16 trillion.

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The Delta Pact contains 7 full member factions. Full members possess a large number of votes each and can veto new laws and resolutions. They must enact all Delta Laws to remains members.

A larger number of small nations, or solitary worlds or systems, possess Member status. They have far less control over the Pact than full members and have no veto, and must follow all Delta laws.


The organisation is split into four divisions, with separate governing bodies:

  • Combined Delta Military - Co-ordinates member factions in joint military operations and overall strategy
  • Delta Trade Union - An economic body that regulates trade between the members
  • United Factions of Delta - A democratic body which makes laws that effect the whole pact
  • Delta Joint Judiciary - An independent court for crimes involving multiple factions, war crimes trials, governmental trials and other cases related to the Delta Pact.