Delta Military Forces
Delta Military Forces
Parent Delta
Commander-in-Chief Military Commander Fortarrathoron
Headquarters Tassa
Personnel 2 Billion
Expertise Heavy Infantry, Carriers, Cyber-warfare, Cyborganics

Delta Miltary Forces is an umbrella organisation that unites, commands and coordinates the military forces of Delta. It is the largest single military organisation in the Civilised Galaxy. The DMF is directly controlled by Delta Command, the executive branch of Delta. The DMF is the military counterpart of the Delta Civilian Services.

Table of Contents

The Forces

There are six "forces" within the DMF. Forces are semi-autonomous organisations designed to handle specific fields of warfare. It is intended that the duties of the forces do not overlap, so as to avoid skill redundancy. There is a great deal of cooperation between the forces, and most major military operations draw personnel and materiel from multiple forces.

  • Space Force - Extra terrestrial invasion warfare.
    • The SF represents the DMF's Stellar Navy and Marine force, tasked with engaging the enemy in space and invading enemy installations and minor celestial bodies.
  • Drop Force - Orbit to terrestrial invasion warfare.
    • DropFor is the DMF's primary ground force, focussing on invading enemy held planets and moons. DropFor operates its own mass troop carrier vessels but relies on Space Force for firepower and defensive when "dropping" troops.
  • Defence Force - Installation defence warfare
    • The Defence Force is tasked with manning and defending Delta held planets, moons, space installations and any other non-mobile assets.
  • Special Force - Special Operations
    • The elite specialist arm of the DMF. SpecFor is tasked with maximising the value of the DMF's very best personnel and undertaking the most difficult, critical and high risk missions.
  • Security Force - Armed Police
    • SecFor exists as the gun to back up the Security Service's truncheons. It is tasked with preserving the peace, counter terrorism and protecting Delta VIPs.
  • Support Force - The industrial arm of the military
    • Tasked with manufacturing all weapons and other purely military equipment in Delta and supplying it to the other forces. Works with the Industrial Service to coordinate with civilian contractors.