Delta Civilian Services

The Delta Civilian Services is the civilian arm of Delta's military controlled government.

Security Service

The civilian police force of Delta, the Security Service is tasked with enforcing law, protecting property and limiting civil disorder. Any security roles which require the use of weapons or directly concerns the military, is handled by the Security Force, the military police. Only civCitizens may serve in the Security Service and are not allowed to carry any lethal weapons of any kind.

Medical Service

All healthcare is nationalised and provided by the Medical Service. Everything from pharmaceutical research to equipment manufacture to doctor's surgeries are owned and run by this service. Any Delta citizen or visiting citizen of an allied nation can seek treatment for any illness or injury at no cost.

Biological Service

The Biological Service is responsible for regulation, research and development into genetic and cybernetic manipulation of the Delta population. Any new augmentation must be checked and approved by this body. The service also runs Augmentation Clinics were citizens recieve government funded augmentations, usually required for specific jobs, and certifies private clinics for aesthetic and other secondary augmentations.

Emergency Service

The Emergency Service covers all emergency response roles not already handled by the Security Service or the Military Forces. This includes Fire and Rescue, responding to Medical Emergencies, monitoring trade lanes in Space and Air and on Sea and Land for those in need of rescue and removal of hazardous materials of a non-military nature. They also provide manpower, equipment and support to other services when they deal with emergencies specific to their domain.

Industrial Service

Any part of industry deemed too important to be trsuted to private enterprise, but not directly run by the military, is handled by the Industrial Service. The service builds, maintains and operates factories and supply chains for much of the specialist equipment used by other services as well as certain regulated components of space craft, ground vehicles, electronics and other things.

Economic Service

The part of the economy that is open to private business is heavily regulated and monitored. It is the Economic Service that does this monitoring, ensuring that the economy remains healthy and does not threaten the stability of society.

Communication Service

Operates and maintains The Grid and provides communication access to all citizens.

Education Service

The Education Service both sets policy for and runs all educational institutions, with the exception of Military Schools. School attendance is required by law and all schools are government operated.

Utilities Service

The Utilities Service is responsible for providing power, water and other essentials resources to civilians.