Dark Stars

Squadron, The "Dark Stars" is an elite fighter squadron in the Delta Military Special Force currently lead by Veteran Commander Jarl Ankea Tarsa. It consists of 12 pilots, all Veteran Jarls, specialising in dogfighting but with wide ranging skills, making the unit incredibly versatile. Aside from Tarsa, who flies a Nighthawk, the squadron flies SF Raptors.

It's current members are:

Wing A:

  • Pair A1:
  • Pair A2:
    • Veteran Leader Jarl Nomekur Reglaf
    • Jarl Rellrgorn

Wing B:

  • Pair B1:
    • Veteran Sub-Commander Jarl Garastagar
    • Veteran Jarl Basek Nomen
  • Pair B2:
    • Leader Jarl Corel Siwana
    • Veteran Jarl Verrellar

Wing C:

  • Pair C1:
    • Veteran Sub-Commander Jarl Si Ja-ken
    • Veteran Jarl Merris Vald
  • Pair C2:
    • Leader Jarl Bei Anas
    • Jarl Siskan Astar

The Dark Stars' are officially stationed on the Squadron Leader II-class Squadron Carrier Dark Nebula, but often operate from other ships, starbases and spaceports.