CFM Weapons


Every gun approved for use by the Canthian Federation Military is classified under the CFM Armament Standardised Classification System. The CFMASCS, or CASC System divides each weapon into a size category then assigns one title from each of the size class' subcategories.

Small Arms

Small Arms encompasses all weapon systems which can be carried and operated by a single person.

Firing Position

  • Hand: can be fired from a single hand
  • Two hand: held in two hands to fire
  • Shoulder: Held on top of shoulder


  • Contact: 0m
  • Close: 0.5 - 3m
  • Short: 3 - 10m
  • Medium: 10 - 25m
  • Long: 25 - 100m
  • Extreme: 100m+

Operation Type

  • Manual: firing and reloading performed manually by operator
  • Semi-automatic: reloads automatically but the operator must pull the trigger for each shot
  • Automatic: reloads and fires automatically.

Magazine Reload Speed

  • Single shot: cannot be reloaded
  • Slow load: > 30 second reload time
  • Medium Load: 15 - 30 second reload
  • Quick Load: < 15 second load
  • No Load: has an unlimited or effectively unlimited power source

Firing Speed

Crewed Weapons

Mounted Weapons

Automated Weapons


Custom Weapons