CFM Technology

The Canthian Federation is an advanced and innovative faction, with a culture that encourages and embraces new technologies with great enthusiasm. In warfare, the Canthian Federation Military relies heavily on the application of technology to overcome being outnumbered and outgunned on most of the fronts on which it currently fights.


The CFM uses a vast array of different weapons technologies, from simple blunt melee weapons to incredibly complex spacial deformation weaponry. The mostly commonly used of these are:

Range weapons

  • Firearms: guns that use a small explosion in the barrel to propel a projectile. Requires a very simple mechanism and no power supply but is general weaker than many newer technologies.
  • Railguns and Coilguns: guns that use electrical current through a pair of rails to fire projectiles using electromagnetism. These weapons are very powerful but require a lot of power and are limited as to what type of projectile they can fire. Coilguns have less restrictions as they don't pass current through the projectile.
  • Laser guns(And other cherant em spectrum weapons): a weapon which uses a coherent beam of light to rapidly heat the target to cause damage. They are very accurate and very fast but require a lot of power and are generally fairly weak.
  • Particle weapons: A weapons which fires an accelerated stream of charged particles at close to the speed of light. They are very powerful but need both power and ammunition and are easily deflected by shields.
  • Plasma guns: A weapon that fires a stream of plasma to heat, burn or melt a target. They are highly damaging against infantry but less effective against armour, and they tend to be less safe for a unit to carry. Any malfunction in a plasma weapon will usually result in injury or death for it's wielder.
  • Mechanical weapons: Simple projectile firing weapons that use elasticity to store energy which is then used to launch the projectile. These are weak but require no power and can be built easily. Often used for stealth because they give off no energy signals and are very quiet.

Melee weapons

  • Blunt weapons: simple clubs or that are used to bludgeon enemies. Rarely used, except when attempting to disable foes without killing them.
  • Swords: basic bladed weapons that are used to cut foes. Advanced materials can make these incredibly sharp.

Planetry Vehicles