CFM Infantry Forces

The Canthian Federation Military's Infantry Forces branch manages and controls all infantry personnel; those who do not operate or crew vehicles in combat This includes ground forces, marines, paratroopers, commandos, etc.

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The CFM currently has approximately 1 billion infantry, subdivided as shown below:

Unit Name Personnel Sub-unit
Branch 1 billion 100 Legions
Legion 10 million 100 Divisions
Division 100 thousand 25 Regiments
Regiment 4,000 10 Companies
Company 400 4 Platoons
Platoon 100 10 Squads
Squad 10 N/A


  • Numbers are rough and do not include command personnel if they are not members of a sub-unit.
  • Specialist units often do not follow the same numbers or sub unit structure.
    • Eg. A standard Commando Division does not have any regiments or platoons. Each of it's 10 Companies has approximately 500 personnel arranged into irregularly sized squads.
  • Units will often be referred to by a code formed from the number of each of the sub-units it belongs separated by "."s and prefixed by the letter I.
    • Eg. The Squad 4 of the 3rd Platoon of the 8th Company of the 25th Regiment of the 63rd Division of the 9th Legion can be written as Squad I9.