The Aseyans are an extra-galactic, symbiotic race that requires a host body for prolonged survival. They are often mistaken for the Razaran, a genetically modified offshoot of the Aseyans, which kills it's host. The Aseyans have never been many in number but at one point they built an empire which spanned two galaxies and united over sixteen thousand sentient races in peace. This has since been destroyed by the Razaran, and the Aseyan Order of Illumination and the Razaran Razarihm have beeen fighting a bitter war for nearly thirty thousand years.



The Aseyan symbiote is a small, quadropod lifeform with translucent skins that glows faintly. Their four tentacles are arranged in front of a large brain from which a single eye protrudes. Aseyans have never been know to grow longer than 15 centimetres and their tentacles are usually about 10 centimetres long. The symbiote cannot survive outside of a host body, without life support, for more than a few months. Unlike the Razarihm which kills it's host, Aseyans do not kill or permanently injure their hosts. Aseyans can only join with sentient beings and they create a symbiotic, shared control relationship between the host and symbiote. Ultimately, the Host has control of the body but is able to give the Aseyan control and is able to communicate with the Aseyan through thought. Both can access all of each others memories and ehar each others thoughts, unless one specifically shields a thought from the other. Some Aseyans have chosen to create life support systems and or cyborganic bodies to sustain them and give them mobility, but most chose to find willing host and enter into a symbiotic relationship.

An aseyan enters a host by burrowing through it's skin and bone, or other outer layers, to reach it's brain where it attaches itself using it's tentacles. The Aseyan will then release cells into the creatures bloodstream which will rapidly heal the wound created during entry. They are able to heal most diseases and damage to a body and will strengthen and toughen a host as well as improving their senses.


Aseyans can only reproduce in tandem with their hosts. Whenever the host creates a new life, the Aseyan will do the same, be this asexually or through impregantion of another being. It is most common for Aseyans to reproduce with their hosts in a couple with another Aseyan host of the same species.