Ark Fleet Consortium
Ark Fleet Consortium
Friendly - Delta Pact
Internal Data
Aliases AFC, FleetCon
Capital Arkship Capitol
Claimed Regions None
Major Ethnic Groups Arthian
Demonym Ark Dweller
Population 300 Billion
Government Confederal Parliamentary Republic
Head Of State Consortium Admiral Yanas Bora
Military Ark Defence Fleet
Official Languages North East Arthian, NeoArthian, Standard
Currency Merchant Credit

The Ark Fleet Consortium is probably the most complex political faction in the Delta Pact. Formed almost exclusively of refugees from the North Eestern regions overrun by the Planet Eater Seed. When it became obvious that there was no hope of combating the vast threat, a Consortium or major powers in the regions started a plan to build a vast armada of city-ships, which the called Arks, in which to flee from the encroaching hordes. Three hundred years later, the Ark fleets form a mobile faction within Delta and allied space, protected by the Ark Navy. Although small colonies have been establishes, the vast majority of the people, the majority of which are descendants of the Batan Tribe continue to live on city ships and have twisted this to their advantage; many of the most successful trade merchants began their careers aboard the arks.


The government of the AFC is perhaps unique among the governments of the three Pacts. Any ship of sufficient size and population which joins the consortium is given Ark status. Each ark is a semi autonomous state within the Consortium and is able to set it's own laws, as long as they do not contradict the constitution or federal laws set by the Consortium Parliament.

The Consortium Parliament is a tricameral legislature with the power to modify the constitution as well as make and enforce other federal laws. The three houses of the