Species Novakyan
Nationality Deltan
Affiliation Delta Military Forces
Aliases Dug
Personal Data
Gender Male
Date of Birth -36
Height 1.9 m
Mass 85 kg
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Pink
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Keipr
Occupation Military Officer
Rank Amatakar Commander

Ardugrafar is a male novakyan and Amatakar Commander of the Delta Military Forces Special Force. He is married to Amatakar Maraesa Kristoen.

Biographic Information

Early Life

Ardugrafar was born on Keipr, Canthia's fourth moon, in -36. His parents were both programmers, his father owned a software development firm and his mother worked as a Delta Security Force Communications Security Operative. Growing up, he was surrounded by computers and took to them at a young age.


Ardugrafar is regarded as Delta's leading expert on Cyber Warfare as well as being a highly skilled Electronic Warfare specialist, Commando, Fleet Commander and Drone Fighter.