AR5-series Combat Armour

The AR5-series Combat Armour are a set of protective exoskeletal suits used by the Canthian Federation Military. Introduced in 5.-5 to replace the aging AR3-series, AR5 suits are used by the vast majority of front line infantry in the CFM. The AR5 series consists of 5 distinct armour designs, each with many variants tailored to specific combat roles. The AR5 system is designed to be flexible and modifiable and many soldiers have made siginificant modifications to their suits.

AR5 Suits

Super Light

The Super Light version, or AR5-SL, is a form hugging suit designed to provide limited protection and augmentation to it's wearer without limiting movement in any way. It has no armour plating and consists of a nanoweave bodysuit, bracers, light boots and a combat visor. The suit is powered and provides some shielding and augmentation of muscle movement but is not able to protect against direct hits from most weapons.

The AR5-SL is often used by scouts, commandos, assassins and snipers, aswell as those needing an armour suit that can be hidden under other clothes.


The Light armour version, or AR5-L, is a multi-piece armour suit design to protect soldiers from lethal hiots by anti-personell weaponry while allowing considerable freedom of movement. It consists of a body suit similar to the AR5-SL but augmented by several armour plates protecting the chest, shoulders, and crotch. It also has heavy boots and a unenclosed helmet. The suit provides some augmentation to movement of arms and legs and limited emergency medical functions.


The most common armour suit in the CFM is the AR5-S. It provides armour plate protection to most of the wearer's body and augmentation to primary muscle functions. Designed for standard infantry it features armour plates covering most of the body without limiting movement greatly aswell as medical functions to aid the wearer if the armour is breached. Onboard computer systems help with the management of weapons, communications and tactics.


The AR5-H suit is designed for heavy infantry, providing extreme protection to the wearer at the expense of speed and mobility. It's functions are similar to the AR5-S but with thicker armour, a personal shield system and more extensive medical systems.

Super Heavy

The AR5-SH provides little more protection than the AR5-H but is designed to allow the wearer to carry and use weaponry that would usually be too heavy or too cumbersome to carry.