Ankea Tarsa
Ankea Tarsa
Species Neokyan
Nationality Deltan
Affiliation Delta Military Forces
Aliases Ankh, Nighthawk, Hawk
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth GY-1220-GA
Height 1.35 m
Mass 65 kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Skin Colour Pale Brown
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Arbasson
Occupation Pilot
Rank Veteran Commander Jarl

Ankea "Ankh" Tarsa is a female Canthian, born on the planet Arbasson. She is a pilot in the Delta Military Forces [[Special Force]]] and is arguably the most accomplished pilot in Delta history and holds the rank of Veteran Commander Jarl. Her unit, "the Dark Stars", is the most elite fighter unit in the DMF. Ankea is a rare genetic mutant, known as a "Night Child" which has many mythological connections. She became famous after her success during the "Bloodrage Ambush". She is married to Dytiag Captain Jasseg Lauskarl.

"Night Child"

Ankea is a rare genetic mutant, known traditionally as a Night Child. An unknown event in the past of the Arthian Descendants that survived on Arbasson caused an instability in their genetic code which sometimes causes children to be born completely blind with eyes completely devoid of pupils, pale skin and jet black hair. In Arbasson tradition, Night children were revered as prophets and miracle workers. When the Biological Service was constructing the Neokyan race, on special request of the Cultural Heritage Commission, they made a modification which allowed Night Children to still be born with all the aesthetics but with functioning eyesight.

Although the religious role of the Night Children has disappeared, they are still ceremonially inducted into the "Order of the Night" that, in antiquity, would have raised them to be oracles. The traditional blindfold that they wore is still presented, though now made of a nano polymer that only blocks light in one direction. Ankea is permitted to wear the blindfold as part of her dress uniform.




Ankea pilots a custom built Nighthawk-class Assault Fighter, which is capable of air, space and underwater combat and can travel faster than light. Although being relatively light and agile, the Nighthawk has twin forward locked railguns, 6 rocket launchers, 4 separate turret mounted laser cannons and wing mounted energy blades.