Friendly - Iota Pact
Internal Data
Aliases Filliz
Capital Kawar
Claimed Regions Rehmat, Hamra, Jebdai, Shukran
Major Ethnic Groups Filizzites
Demonym Filizzian
Population 20 Million
Government The Open Councel of the 3 Rules
Head Of State Arbitrator Owzair Faiyhaz
Military Al-Filizzian Mechanised Force's
Official Languages Aldric
Currency Fketal

The Al-Filizz are the nomadic remnants of two warring clans on the planet Kawar. The two clans reconsiled and signed a treaty, seeing themselves as a single peaceful society. They are famous partly for their country sized junkyards taking great pride in salvaging, repairing and creating new mechanisms and vehicles. They have also aided other Iota-pact and allied factions in creating and using Ion-Propulsion systems.

Member of the Iota pact


The Al-Filizz are the inhabitants and descendants of a billion orikyan people inhabiting the planet Kawar. Kawar is split into three climatic sectors, A vast desert spanning the equator of Kawar which is bordered to the north and south by thick foliage and evergreen forests. The two factions fought over land and resources, neither giving in due to tribal pride as well as the fact that in all out war the two faction were equally matched. Years of escalation also added to this problem, as they had been fighting for so long the Al-Filizz became prone to war and were fairly advanced, neither clan willing to take the blame for the start of the war and neither surrendering, the people of both clans wishing for the others extermination.

After 500 years of fighting, the population of Kawar had lost over 8 billion of its population in some of the most bloodiest battle's seen. Finally resources started to run low and despair set in. After nearly a thousand years of fighting morale started to run low.

On the 23rd of Julte the desert dwelling tribe of the equator initiated a 4 hour orbital bombardment that wiped out half the planets population. The weapon destablilised the planets weather system, the remaining inhabitants struggling to survive.


Only 4 years pass since the end of the war when an expeditionary force is spotted marching through the Southern jungles to the borderlands. The small group turn out to be Illian and are met with confusion. The two factions were curious about one another spending a month and a half translating each others languages the two races were slowly able to explain to one another their situation and their morals. It was later revealed that the firing of the orbital weapon was detected by the Illians.

After four months of talks the Al-Filizz the Illians and the Palantians created the Iota pact and the reconstruction of Kawar started with Illia providing a large number of resources and new technologies that would facilitate the quick recovery of the Al-Filizz.

It is rumoured that the bloody war fought on Kawar was one of the main reasons the Palantians were re-awakened.


The Al-Filizz are believed to be of standard Orikyan origins, however a number of traits have risen throughout the Filizzian population. Standing at an average height of 6 keer the Fillizians retain a muscular and stocky build. They can also fight in high temperatures.


The Al-Filizz are famous for their junkyards and salvager's. The remnants of their past war were cleared up and collected around the planet and deposited in a 500 square mile junkyard. There have been talks with Illians scientists about the building of a space elevator connecting Kawar and Emin (Kawar's geostationary moon). This will allow the Al-Filizz to use the moon as a big junkyard.

Although the Al-Filizz see their junkyards as monuments of the past they are determined to fix society and create a vibrant, repopulated Kawar. Spending most of their time in junkyards technicians, mechanics and engineers were able to create a large construction and logistics division to rebuild their cities. Before long the 500 square mile junkyard was split up into a number of smaller yards. These were placed at population hot spots letting the people of these areas rebuild their town's infrastructure.

On the signing of the Iota pact the Al-Filizz were able to salvage and repair components used in the creation of the Illian ion-propulsion system.


Although the Al-Filizz have not been at war for over two centuries one of the requirements of joining the Iota pact were the need of an armed and mobile force in defense of ones homeworld and some time in the future defending Iota, Omega and Delta pact territory.

The mobile forces of the Al-Filizz forces are a number of specialized and customised units. A lot of the vehicles are build from scratch and are unique in every single way. Only recently have the Al-Filizz used standard building templates to try to standardize vehicles. These standardized vehicles were customised by their drivers and crew so the Al-Fillizz have resorted an older method, the classing of vehicles depending on key features including speed, armour and firepower and other factors.