Air Gaill

After the success of the Canthian Federations elite fighter squadron 'The Dark Stars' the Iota Pact was called upon by many of it's councel members and military personnel for a rapid intervention fighter squadron. The squadron was intended to carry out rescue missions and but were later intended to be the the Iota Space Fleet's trump card in tight situations. The squadron started off using the best atmospheric fighters of the time, The 'Kasmarsk'. At first the squadron used some of the best pilots around at the time however the individuals signed up under project sympathy were trained within 5 years of the projects starting.

These individuals were introduced to an experimental prototype fighter. Made by the same company the Kasmarsk MkIII was developed for space and atmospheric fighting. The new fighter was controversially inspired by the Kankaarian 'Thornuss'. A fighter that was controlled by a paraplegic pilot plugged into an online computer, the pilot was essentially part of the plane from then on, unable to leave the fighter. The main difference between the two was that Illian pilots were given the choice to undergo the process and as harsh as it may have seemed alot of the pilots went forward with the process as not only did it give them greater abilities as a pilot but it also let them gain vengeance easier and also further the causes of Illia.