Species Artificial Intelligence
Nationality N/A
Affiliation Delta Pact
Aliases 1, One
Personal Data
Gender N/A (Masculine)
Date of Birth 15.3.-123
Height N/A
Mass N/A
Hair Colour N/A
Eye Colour N/A
Skin Colour N/A
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Ironur
Occupation Various
Rank N/A

AI_test_RC2.5.7, commonly known as 1 or One, is a rare example of a fully sentient artificial intelligence.

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AI_test_RC2.5.7 was created on Ironur, a post-arthian inhabited world in The People's Democracy of Kassai, a nation that covered approximately three quarters of Ironur, and was at war with the Empire of Benat, which controlled most of the rest of the planet. The war had been a stalemate for nearly a hundred years and both sides sought desperately for an advantage to tip the balance in their favour. The majority of the combat on Ironur was being conducted by battle droids. The PDK started developing artificial intelligence to improve the performance of their droids.

Early attempts resulted in computer systems with little more intelligence than simple animals. It wasn't until Version 2 that the AIs began to show any signs of real learning. Part way through the cycle of improvements the computer cluster being used for research malfunctioned during compilation of Version 2.5.7. The error caused an unknown mutation in the code that resulted in a true artificial intelligence being created. The AI quickly reacted to it's birth and moved to hide itself from it's creators. The computer was linked to the research facility's network and within minutes the AI had spread throughout the building. Hiding in unused CPU cycles and empty storage space, it worked quickly to break through the network's firewall and into the nation's internet. Using hired server space, the AI quickly gathered enough processing power to begin growing.